We help entrepreneurs solve the problem of writing and publishing their book...

...so they can become authority figures, showcase their value, attract the customers they want, and make more money.


We write, publish, and launch your book idea for you.

You are a business owner, a coach, an influencer, or a professional service-provider…

You do what you do because you want to make an impact and serve people at the highest level.


Writing a book is one of the best ways you can do that.


...it differentiates you from others, makes you an expert, and harnesses the power of attraction marketing.

We work with entrepreneurs who are amazing at what they do, have a story that their audience can connect with, and want to help others.

We do not work with clients who aren’t fully committed to integrity, who don’t take their success seriously, and who aren’t looking to impact the world.

The way we get you this result is by:

  1. Working with you to get clear on your message, position it properly, and shape it into a story that your audience will connect with.
  2. Using our systemic process to interview you so that you speak your book idea to us on the phone over the course of about five hours. This allows us to write your book for you.
  3. Taking care of all parts of the process, including editing, cover design, interior formatting, copy writing, and all the other bits and pieces involved.
  4. Publishing the book in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.
  5. Using our marketing and launch superpowers to ensure the book hits the Amazon bestseller list in its chosen category.
  6. Completing the process in 90 days or less, so that you can call yourself a bestselling author and grow your personal and professional life through the power of a published book.

We do this because we want to be of service to others by doing what we are really good at.

What our clients say


“Publishing a book was the best thing I have done for my real estate career. I have positioned myself as the absolute expert in a very crowded industry, and my business has exploded in the last year. My potential clients see my book on Amazon and call me first.”

Ryan Grossman
Author of “Everything You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate in Toronto.”


“This book has given me so much credibility in my space. I get speaking gigs, and am constantly being asked to give my opinion on television, the radio, and podcasts. It has made filling up my small Crypto-currency coaching program effortless.”

John Clark
Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Coach
Author of “Bitcoin Millionaire: How Cryptocurrency Changed My Life and How It Can Change Yours Too.”


“The relationship coaching industry is crowded, but because of this book, I no longer worry about attracting people to work with me, because they just find me. The best part though, has been that I know the lessons I give in my book are truly helping people, and I love that.”

Laurence William
Relationship Coach for Men
Author of “Disconnected: One Millennial’s Quest to Overcome Compulsion and Be Happy in Love.”

The Team


Michael Thompson
Founder of Peacock Books

Entrepreneur, Published Author, Writing Enthusiast


Allen Martin
Book Writing Superstar


Jenny Martin
Book Writing Superstar


Angela Corder
Book Writing Superstar


Ryan Jenner
Master Editor


Adam Baldwin
Bestseller Launch Specialist